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Webinar - Jahia/Alfresco Integration - Real Life example (FAF-TT Intranet)


Based on an intranet project led at FAF-TT (Training insurance funds of Temporary Work), this webinar will present a way to integrate Alfresco and Jahia, the two leading open source solutions. Back in November, this webinar was organized in French and met a huge success. Today we are very happy to present it in English

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(Webinar) Jahia/Alfresco Integration Real Life Example (FAF-TT Intranet)

Do you intend to implement an Intranet? Foster collaboration and communication between divisions? Develop team work and strengthen corporate culture?
Discover, through a customer case, how the integration of Jahia and Alfresco, two of the major open source solutions, can help you meet your objectives.

This 30-minute webinar will cover :

- Discovery of the Jahia and Alfresco solutions at FAF-TT.
- Thanks to system integrator Sollan, get a better understanding of the complementarities of CMS (Content Management System) and DMS (Document Management System)
- How-to implement an intranet integrating Jahia and Alfresco.
- Discovery of the "Gedeon" intranet solution, developed for FAF.TT by Sollan
- How the Intranet can become the main tool for internal communication and change management.

Speakers :

- Thomas Dechilly, CTO, Sollan
- Stéphane Monier, Business Development Manager, Jahia

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