Trimly, solution de DAM simple et efficace

VCM, the Sollan DAM solution, has been revamped and renamed Trimly to leverage digital assets easily and effectively

In a rapidly growing market worth approximately 85.5 million euros in 2013*, multimedia content management (photo, video and audio) has become a primary concern in numerous organizations and businesses (marketing, communications, sales, E-commerce, etc.). Key allies in the corporate digitization process, Digital Asset Management (DAM) or Media Asset Management (MAM) solutions enable you to manage resources that are indispensable today in any innovation strategy.

Sollan has been publishing VCM (Video Content Management), a solution for leveraging digital assets, since 2007. This solution is used to store, leverage and share corporate photo, video and audio resources. Its strength resides in its high level of performance in terms of storage, its Online Video Platform (OVP), its precise management of metadata, its advanced profile and access rights administration, and its ability to share on multiple devices. It also offers collaborative spaces to enable team sharing and iterative working processes.

We have revamped this solution to integrate the new requirements of organizations and businesses as regards their digital assets in this constantly changing market. Emphasis has been placed on simplifying the tool and improving its effectiveness in order to manage corporate digital media assets seamlessly. In line with new digital practices, innovative functionalities such as colorimetric search and centralized media distribution on social networks like YouTube, Vimeo or Dailymotion have been integrated. Our solution has emerged from this rejuvenation with a new name, Trimly, befitting its new identity.

"Marketing and communications businesses are constantly driven to forge ahead to become more innovative and responsive to market expectations and digitization. The mainstreaming of digital tools, the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend and many others have modified business requirements which are now oriented towards functional products that are intuitive and easy to use. Trimly has been designed to be an easy and effective solution. This simple intuitive solution enables businesses to start working in just a few minutes and harness their digital resources using different channels easily", explained Elise Duchateau, Sollan's Marketing Manager.

The solution interfaces seamlessly with existing Enterprise Content Management (ECM) tools such as the Alfresco and Nuxeo document management systems (DMS) as well as collaborative tools like SharePoint and Liferay.

Thomas Dechilly, Trimly Product Director, describes this development strategy, "Sollan specializes in content management. Digital resource management, despite its characteristics specific to photo, video and audio resources, is first and foremost content management. As such, we focused on enabling seamless integration with existing ECM tools in order to avoid multiplying the number of tools required by users because this often leads to the dispersion of digital resources. The solution maintains consistency in the management of corporate digital assets, regardless of whether these assets are documents or videos."

Trimly is designed for all departments required to manage digital resources, e.g. Marketing, Communications, Sales, R&D, or E-learning.

Trimly is available in the SaaS (Software as a Service) delivery model or as an internally hosted on-premises solution. To find out more, register to watch our free online Sollan demos (www.sollan.com).


* SerdaLAB study on the multimedia content management market in June 2015



A propos de Sollan

Sollan is an Anglo-French company specializing in Enterprise Content Management (ECM). Sollan's know-how extends to all aspects of the document workflow.

Sollan is recognized for its expertise in three core businesses: innovative software publishing (Sollan Software), upstream project consulting services (Sollan Consulting) and the integration of ECM solutions (Sollan Development).  

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