Sollan becomes an OpenText partner

Sollan becomes an OpenText partner


On Thursday 6 March, Sollan and OpenText signed a partnership agreement, thereby formalizing ten years of collaborative working.  
To forge closer ties, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) expert Sollan will partner with renowned publisher OpenText in its annual customer event, the OpenText Innovation Tour.


Sollan, the Enterprise Content Management expert

Established in 2001, Sollan specializes in ECM, extending its expertise to all aspects of the document life cycle, from digitization to archiving, including document management systems (DMS) and structured data production. With its considerable experience in the field of content management, Sollan is widely recognized today as a key player in consulting services and the integration of ECM solutions.
OpenText, leader in the ECM software publishing market, offers a comprehensive range of solutions for the entire sector. Sollan has been implementing and recommending OpenText technology as part of its consulting services since its creation. "It was only natural for Sollan and OpenText to formalize their relationship through a partnership agreement", explained Bruno Barret, CEO of Sollan.
"This alliance will enable us to continue forging closer ties between our two companies in order to satisfy the needs of the market", declared Bruno Barret.


Sollan, partner of the OpenText Innovation Tour, an annual customer event 

To seal their alliance, Sollan will partner with OpenText in its annual customer event, the OpenText Innovation Tour, to be held on 13 March at the Coeur Defense conference center in Paris. This event, whose focus is on innovation and the optimization of the true potential of corporate information, will include the presentation of new developments, thematic workshops and meetings.
On 11 February, OpenText took part in Sollan's quarterly event, the EIM360 round table, a lunch-debate where approximately 30 professionals usually meet to discuss a current ECM topic, such as cloud computing or Big Data. The last EIM360, held in the Relais du Parc in Paris, brought solution providers EMC, Nuxeo and OpenText together to discuss the governance of collaborative spaces and how useful information could be harnessed for its full potential. The event enabled the interaction of companies from very different sectors, such as Air France, Altran, BNP Paribas, Bouygues Construction, Eau de Paris, EDF, Institut Mines Telecom, L’Oreal, LGM, Manutan International, MEDDE, SNCF, Snecma, etc. The next EIM360 will be held in June and will focus on digitization.
About OpenText
OpenText is the market leader in Enterprise Information Management (EIM). EIM technologies enable businesses to grow faster, cut operational costs and reduce information governance and security risks by improving business insight, impact and responsiveness. OpenText products organize unstructured information in order to optimize its true potential for more than 5,000 customers worldwide.
About Sollan
Sollan is an Anglo-French company specializing in ECM. Sollan's know-how extends to all aspects of the document workflow.
Sollan is recognized for its expertise in three core businesses: upstream project consulting services (Sollan Consulting), the integration of ECM solutions (Sollan Development) and innovative software publishing (Sollan Software). 

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